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Do you already had your vital dose of Anime or Manga today? No? Then you have to make good for it! And the best way to do it, is to visit my Anime and Manga blog. And because I'm interested in quite a lot of Mangas and Animes, there is something for everyone.
Third Box Title

Everyone will grow. That is, all of the youngsters who will live on the next age.

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"But for you who have been abandoned, love does not exist. Signs of a pretense like that must be eliminated. I will now give you new names to be called.”

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  Nozaki Umetarou || Episode 11

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Kiseki no Sedai Point Guard/Captain: Akashi Seijuro [6/6]

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↳ Saturday Challenge

✖ 15 Days of Kyoukai no Kanata - DAY 08: Your OTP

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url meme 】- morgianafanaliss

      - - - inspired by 

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I was able to survive until now because of you

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↳I am a G H O U L 

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Hello, Trisha. I'm home.

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please stay with me until the end

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